An iCONGO - Right Every Wrong Initiative

January, 2009

22th –Mumbai , 23th – Bangalore & 24th Delhi


The Omega ratings for most responsible companies and captains of industry

doing good while doing well

The mission: To create a forum and platform that promotes holistic CSR by involving responsible CSR practitioners from India and Internationally to speak about best practices of CSR and Cause Related marketing where CSR is not just a buzzword, cheque book philanthropy or a cost centre but practiced as a profit centre by using the triple bottom line approach i.e. not just meeting financial but also fulfilling the social and environmental bottom lines.

The objective: To get more and more companies and captains of industry to practice holistic CSR by using the triple bottom line approach.

The ratings: The world over we have ratings and lists of the world’s best performing companies, most powerful people, most rich people, most influential people and so on. But what’s the point of having all the money, power and influence in the world if one cannot responsibly use that wealth, influence and power for the betterment of society and it is all used purely for self interest and overt and obscene display of wealth. The most responsible companies and captains of Industry will be a list of people who have used their wealth, power and influence to promote social equity rather than just be listed as the wealthiest or most powerful people.


iCONGO- Indian Confederation of NGOs is a collective hub, think tank and the voice of the Citizens and NGO sector which, in Gandhiji's/ Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s words, represents the people of India . Gandhiji/ Shaheed Bhagat Singh also gave us the talisman to be the change we want to see in the world as Good Citizens, by responsibly and selflessly encouraging good governance for a truly progressive and functional democracy, where there is dignity, equality and liberty for one and all of our fellow citizens. Being the change always starts from us first, and iCONGO is the first and only organisation in the world that does not raise donations/grants/charitable funds for itself, nor retains any money it facilitates for NGOs from companies and individuals. iCONGO works as a selfless catalytic facilitator for pre screened NGOs, chosen after thorough due diligence conducted by a reputed and independent audit firm for absolute transparency, accountability and efficient program & fund management, so that you, as caring citizens, may support a cause dear to your heart with assurance that your social investment is utilised 100% for your cause. iCONGO sustains it operations purely through a proactive force of professionals who give time as citizen volunteers and works on  frugal operating costs through moneys earned from consultancies from CSR, Cause related marketing, social marketing & communications and strategic planning.

iCONGO is the hallmark of trust and Gateway for social investment, and promotes ‘Philanthropy for Social Justice’, where our mantra is "Don't just give, but get involved, understand issues and then support them as active advocates". iCONGO works with NGOs to empower them, not to just chase money and ask people to give, but to get citizens involved with the cause by understanding these issues and being active advocates and on the other side of the spectrum iCONGO works with citizens at large towards sensitizing them not to just give blindly on emotional provocation, but to practice Philanthropy for Social Justice which means make a just investment by getting involved, understanding social issues and advocating for transparency and accountability.  iCONGO is mentored by leading development leaders, intellectuals, academicians, captains of industry, media professionals, statesmen, civil servants, movie & sports personalities, and most of all citizen volunteers as activists (and you may join too) who want to be the change. Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG, be it with issues related to hunger, children, marginalised communities, human rights, education, livelihood, animal rights, environment and every cause that impassions you and us. iCONGO is a citizen movement as "we the people are we the power" (republic means people's rule) by leading the change together and thus as ONE PEOPLE OF THIS SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY we encourage 26th November (the day our constitutional pledge was adopted in 1949) as the "National Social Justice and Citizen Action day

60 years ago, we made a promise to ourselves and our mission is to rekindle the spirit of the pledge as citizens and the people sector to promote inclusive democracy:

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to
and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and
integrity of the Nation;
IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949,

iCONGO in a nutshell is a people sector movement i.e. a collective hub of NGOs working on all issues under the sun and the voice of the citizens. We are a think tank and a philanthropy hallmark and gateway to promote citizen action & involvement for social justice. As a first, iCONGO does not raise any donations for itself nor retains any percentage from funds we facilitate for pre-screened member NGOs who are audited through the omega ratings- transparency and accountability charter encouraged by citizen supporters. iCONGO is mentored and led by thought leaders and most of all by concerned citizen volunteers as activists (professionals from various fields and you may join too), who want to be the change and rekindle the spirit we had taken when we adopted our constitutional pledge on 26th November, 1969, by promoting this day every year as the National social justice & citizen action day.  Our mission mantra is Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG because we believe that to reclaim the true values of democracy, it has been people who have always been and led the change. No one else can as people are the very heart, core, mind and soul of change of a republic nation. (Log on to your movement www.icongo.in)

About iCONGO iNTEL & Associates

: a subsidiary consulting organisation of iCONGO will act as a Consultant on CSR, providing Research and Knowledge Services for Corporates and NGOs on CSR activities. It will also provide services in related fields such as Human Resources, Finance, Fundraising etc. for the development sector, trusts, foundations and corporates. We also specialize in strategy and ideation and board searches and formations for the NGO sector.